9U/10U Special Rules

 9U –

1. All Major League Rules and USSSA Rules/Bylaws apply except for base stealing are in  effect.

2.  Bases will remain at 65 feet

3. There will be a 10 foot line placed past 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases.

4. The runner can take a lead but cannot cross the 10 foot line until the pitched ball either   crosses home plate or is put into play. The runners’ feet must be stationary before the pitcher begins his delivery to the plate.

5. The runner will be allowed to steal after the ball crosses the plate.

6.  If the runner gets a RUNNING START in an attempt to steal BEFORE the ball crosses the plate or is put into play:

      A. The runner will be called OUT.

      B. The runner is put out on the play, the runner is OUT.

      C. If the ball is put into play, the runner is OUT.

NOTE: All other runners, run at their own risk during this play.  So although the Runner who left early is out, the other runners and batters can advance.  

7.  If the pitcher attempts a pick-off the runner can advance.

NOTE:  The purpose of the 9u Modified Stealing rule is to help the young pitcher gain confidence in attempting to hold runners on base

10U – Pitching  -- Balk rule is NOW In effect in all Events. Balks will be called in 10U and are no longer instructional.
Revised 1/4/2013