2020 SC Global World Series

June 24-28 | North Myrtle Beach, SC 


Open to all Classifications

Elite 32 World Series participating teams are ineligible to play

-Ages 7 - 14

-Limited to 24 teams per age group

-Pool play followed by championship play.

-Teams will play an average of 6 games

-Champions of the 3 divisions will be crowned World Series Champion
-Teams earn World Series USSSA Points

All teams will play 4 games within pool play. After pool play is complete, teams will be seeded 1 - 24 and placed into a championship bracket (if 24 Teams applicable). Seeding for championship play is based on USSSA pool play / tie breaker criteria.
Pool seeding is based on: 1) USSSA Classification, 2) USSSA Points, 3) Geographical location.
The tournament director has the final decision on seeding teams into pool play.

Teams will play four (4) pool games. The top two teams from each pool will advance to 
the Red Championship bracket while the middle two teams advance to the White
Championship bracket and the bottom two teams to the Blue Championship bracket.

Tournament Rules

Global Sports World Series will be governed by the USSSA National Baseball Bylaws and Rules unless noted differently below. To access the official USSSA Bylaws  Click here. USSSA Rosters will be the official roster at the GS World Series.  USSSA Baseball reserves the right to alter, change, or abbreviate the tournament format when necessary to complete the tournament due to weather.

  • USSSA Rosters will be the official roster at the Global Sports World Series. 
    Teams may add two (2) additional players to the official roster at team check-in.
  • Write-In players shall be "hand written" on the printable version of the teams' Official Online Roster form.
  • Write-in players are permitted to be frozen to any other classification team and be eligible.
    Please make sure to include the Players USSSA ID #

Teams participating in the Elite World Series are NOT eligible for the Global Sports Baseball World Series.

**Please Note, The Tournament Director reserves the right to alter any rule, any time**

Pitching Violations- Please note, pitching violations will be enforced. It is the coaches responsibility to maintain the integrity of pitchers arms. The Pitching Cards kept @ the Fields will be the official Pitching Records. Please refer to them @ the Fields. Coaches, please make sure you have the correct # of innings pitched before signing off on them. In the end this is what Site Directors will go by for Pitchers of Record.

Park Policies- The City of North Myrtle Beach has adopted Park Policies that will be honored by all present. To download a copy of the Park Rules please click on the park rules below. 

North Myrtle Beach Park Rules Click here

Cooler Policy- Only one Team Cooler allowed per team. No Personal Coolers are permitted in any parks in North Myrtle Beach.

Roster Policy- besides the Write-In players...Please make sure you complete roster is online prior to before schedules are posted...Pitching Reports/Scores will be kept and Pitching Violations will be enforced.

Team Check In- Items you will be required to have will be a complete copy of your roster and birth certificates of each player...These items will also need to be on hand with your team at all times during play. You will also need a copy of the player write-in form, to download the player write in form, please click on the form below to download your copy and print..

Special Global World Series Rules
-All game cards must be signed by a coach after the game. Scores and pitching must be checked. We will not change scores or pitching once card is signed.
-Head coach for each must be Determined at coin flip.  If head coach is not at plate meeting assistant must let umpire know who is head coach.
-Pool play games can end in tie scores once time has run out. 
-Only head coaches can argue calls once time has been called.   Assistant  coaches are not permitted to argue calls. If an assistant walks on the field to argue a call he will be ejected immediately.
-If a coach is ejected he will sit the following game as well. 
-Run rules will be in effect for all pool play and bracket play games. 
-Coaches are responsible for all fans and can be ejected for not controlling their fans.
-Please be at field ready to play 30 minutes prior to game time.  Also, keep in contact with site director for any games being delayed or ahead if schedule. 
-9u only - open bases - Balks will be instructional. 
-8u - can intentionally walk one player per game. A team can score  7 runs per inning max. One bunt per inning per team. 
-Pitching protest-  A pitcher can only be protested while he is on the mound or in the pitching position on the lineup. Once a pitcher is no longer in the pitching position in lineup he cannot be protested.  The protesting coach must immediately call time and hand site director 100.00 cash.  Site directors will not show coaches the pitching cards during a game. Must be done between games. 
-No fake to third, throw to first pick offs. 
-13u No steel spikes on mounds 
-Make sure of official game times at plate meeting.  
-All 8u games 1 hr 15 minutes 
-All 9u -12u 1 hr 45 minutes 
-All 13u 2 hr 
-All championship games no time limit 
-We reserve right to shorten time limits due to inclement weather  
-No tobacco or alcohol permitted on fields. 
-Bracket seeds will be determined by record, runs allowed and run differential. This is all done by computer which doesn't make mistakes!

Team Credential Check-In

J. Bryan Floyd Community Center
1030 Possum Trot Road, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Team Check In/Mandatory Coaches Meeting
Team Check-In
Wednesday June 24th 8:30am- 9:00am
**Coaches will also sign players up for Skills Competitions during this time**

Mandatory Coaches Meeting
**Head Coaches only required to attend- Players do not need to attend**
Wednesday, June 24th 9:00am-10:00am

Team Check In Items:

  • All team head managers are required to attend check-in.  
  • Players do not need to attend check-in.
  • USSSA Rosters will be checked along with validation of birth certificates.
  • Teams must bring a copy of each player’s birth certificate.
  • Teams may add two (2) players at check-in- Write Ins.  
  • These players will be hand written on the USSSA on-line roster.
  • Attached is write in form managers must present with any write in players at World Series
  • A copy of your online roster must be submitted @ check in
    Please download the Global World Series player Write in form below and submit @ Check-In



Wednesday, June 24 | 8:30am-9:00am

 Coaches Check In/Head Coaches Meeting (Coaches Only Please)J. Bryan Floyd Community Center 1030 Possum Trot Rd. North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582**Coaches will sign up players for Skills Competition during this time** 

Wednesday, June 24 | 9:00am-10:00am

Coaches Meeting / Coaches Only Please

J. Bryan Floyd Community Center

1030 Possum Trot Rd. North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 

Wednesday, June 24 | 10:30am-2:30pm

Skills Competitions
North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex
150 Citizens Circle, Little River, SC 29566 

Wednesday, June 24 | 4:30pm-5:30pm

Team Social / Pin Trading 
North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex (Center of the Complex)
**Teams/Families will be able to purchase Memorabilia/Admission Passes 
& other items during this time frame** 

Wednesday, June 24 | 6:00pm-7:15pm

Opening Ceremonies/Team Parade (Pin Trading begins @ 4:30pm)
North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex Field #3 (Opening Ceremonies)
Pin Trading (Area in Middle of Complex)
150 Citizens Circle, Little River, SC 29566 

Thursday June 25 - Sunday, June 28 | 9:00am - until

Pool Play Thursday/Friday

Championship Bracket Play Saturday/Sunday (After Pool Play concludes)

Opening Ceremonies

North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex Field #3

Opening Ceremonies will be held Wednesday, June 24 @ 6:00pm-7:15pm..Players/Coaches should arrive @ the Stadium (Field #3) between 4:30-5:00pm to proceed with Pin Trading/Team Social on the grassy area of the Complex. Teams should line up on the right field corner @ 5:40pm to stage the parade of Teams.. ALL Players MUST participate and should be in @ a minimum Uniform Tops. Shorts/Pants may be worn. Uniform Tops are the only requirement for Opening Ceremonies.

Pin Trading- 4:30pm-5:30pm
Team Social - 4:30 - 5:30pm (Bounce Houses & Fun Houses for all ages)
(Middle of Complex)
NOTE- Pin Trading has become a tradition at World Series events, players will have an opportunity to trade pins during the team social prior to the opening ceremonies. Team pins are not mandatory, but certainly adds to the fun of this special event. We encourage each team to bring some small item to trade. Other examples other than team pins include, contacting your local Chamber of Commerce for State/City pins, contacting any Professional Sports Team in your area for small promotional items, etc. 


Hotel Accommodations

Skills Competitions

 **Coaches will sign up/register players for Skills @ Check-In Wednesday AM**

Skills Competition Location(s) / Fields
North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex 
8U- Field 1
9U - Field 1
10U - Field 2
11U - Field 5
12U - Field 6
13U - Field 4
14U - Field 3

SKILLS COMPETITION DETAILS: The overall objective of the skills competition is to have every player on each team participate and enjoy the social interaction of this tremendous event.  Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each age division in each skills competition. These will be announced @ Opening Ceremonies.

Round The Horn- (5 Players) (Team Event)

Five (5) players from each team will be allowed to participate. The players will take their positions in the infield (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C). The catcher will start the event (when a thrown ball is caught by the catcher time will start). The catcher will throw to third baseman, third-baseman throws to second baseman, second-baseman throws to shortstop, shortstop throws to first-baseman and first-baseman throws to catcher. The time will start when the catcher throws and time will stop when the catcher receives the throw from the first-baseman. All Fielders MUST stay in the appropriate/marked area when receiving/throwing the ball. ANY DROPPED BALLS OR BAD THROWS ARE CONSIDERED LIVE AND TIME WILL KEEP RUNNING! One Practice Round should occur for all Teams, then 2 Times will be recorded with the best time between the 2 times recorded.

Accuracy Throw - (3 Players) (Individual Event) -Golden Arm Competition

Three (3) players on each team can participate.  Each player will get THREE (3) throws to hit the target.  Players must throw behind the marked position on the field.  Players will be awarded one (1) point for the ball going between the left hand and right hand batter’s box, and three (3) points for the ball going over home plate OR BETWEEN THE BATTER BOXES.

Base Running - (8 Players form 2 Teams of 4 Players) (Team Event) -Road Runner Competition 

Eight (8) players from each team will be allowed to participate and Form 2 Teams of 4 Players. This is a relay type race where the first player (and each of the 3 additional players) will start inside the batters box with back foot touching back of home plate and run the bases. Each player will tag the next player in line after running the bases. Time will start on first player (on players first movement) and end with the fourth player touching home plate. Each Team will be allowed 2 Teams of 4 players. EACH PLAYER CAN ONLY RUN IN 1 OF THE 2 GROUPS AND CANNOT RUN TWICE! The Best Time of the 2 Teams will be in the Running for Finals. Any additional player who has not participated in any event can participate.

Home Run Derby -(10 Pitches for $10) (Individual Event)

ONLY USSSA CURRENT APPROVED BATS ALLOWED! Players who would like to participate will be given 10 Pitches for $10.(Ball or Strike) (Foul Balls count as Pitches).Player can choose the pitcher of their choice..This is a one round Home Run Derby due to time constraints!!  If there is a tie between hitters or multiple hitters..There will be a 5 swing "swingoff" to declare a winner in each age group..If no homeruns are hit the hitter with the furthest hit ball will be declared the winner of the Home Run Derby..A Swing and a miss is declared/counted as a pitch that goes against the 10 swings..Winners receive great prizes..


North Myrtle Beach Complex

International Drive Complex

North Myrtle Beach Complex


 Address: 150 Citizens Circle Little River, South Carolina 29566 

Central Park

International Drive Complex

North Myrtle Beach Complex


 Address: 1400 Outrigger Rd North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29582 

International Drive Complex

International Drive Complex

International Drive Complex


 Address: 950 International Drive Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579