Why Play SC USSSA?


To Us the Answer is Simple 

USSSA Baseball can offer more players the opportunity to play at a competitive level regardless of age, ability,  place of residence and economic status.  We have 3 levels of play AA, AAA and Majors which allow players to compete and excel against players of similar abilities.  We have found that kids develop at different stages and our philosophy is that all kids should all be given the "All Star" opportunity at ALL ages and levels.

Again, our goal is to keep as many kids playing baseball as possible.  With that in mind, it has concerned us for years that the number of baseball participants seems to decline as kids get older. We contribute this to a few possibilities that include: lack of playing time, being under developed, or just a bad experience with a particular team or coach.   We believe that by giving kids more opportunities to play with kids of similar abilities we will increase the number of kids playing baseball and USSSA numbers are showing it.   

It's All About Choices

Every parent should have the right to choose how often their child plays baseball and more important, where or with what organization they choose to play.  If we are successful in  providing our teams  the best possible baseball experience,  kids will continue to play USSSA Baseball and our organization will continue to grow at record numbers.

We believe that the number of high school and college coaches as well as ex-professional players now coaching their kids speaks volumes to the direction of our program and has significantly elevated USSSA baseball to the premiere baseball organization in our area.
There is no better feeling as a director than to attend a High School, College or even Professional game and see players that have participated for years in USSSA Baseball events.  This is what drives us to do our best so that your kids will have every opportunity to reach their full potential and continue to play the greatest game in the world!